Just Like Your Mom Toursupport

Coming out of the DIY scene, Just Like Your Mom keeps you and your band on the road! We take good care of your pre-production, tourmanagement, touring wheels, drivers, merch, sound engineers and backline. Our natural habitat is the European continent and UK, but we also work worldwide.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Steady and solid pre-production

We make sure the band or (y)our tourmanager has all the info he/she needs to make the tour run smoothly. Our team has years of experience doing pre-production for European tours for several bookings agencies and artists.

Full on tourmanagement

A 'mom' tourmanager makes sure your tour runs like it should. Our tourmanagers can combine their job also with sound engineering or driving. They will treat you like a mom... Firm, but gently...

Responsible veggie drivers

Our drivers bring you from A to B with two helping hands, and a clear and thinking head... What else do you need?


Why is it a good choice to ask us?

Simple, we're damn good at what we do. We keep contact with our roots. We build relationships with suppliers and bands. We, at Just Like Your Mom, have over 10 years of 'on the road' experience. Meaning we can receive discounts on outsourced services, which also includes other toursupport companies, van/bus/nightliner companies and backline rental.

Please be informed: We are an independent company representing our beliefs and love in the Do It Yourself ethic. Our company is one of the many "tips on the iceberg" in underground music and its community. We, as a company, implore you to get involved and to discover independent bands, distro's, record labels, zines, collectives and to also involve yourself in the more political aspects of our scene: human rights, animal liberation, and much more. Be active and support the scene!

We own and run a fleet of tourvans

Our company can provide your tour with a suitable vehicle. We provide tourvans (or nightliners) for every budget and tourschedule. Of course our vans come with a GPS and other electrical nerdy stuff...


Sound engineers available

From FOH (front of house) 'till monitors, our ears can use their hands to make sure you and your band are happy and the crowd can go crazy.


We can also help you with any backline needs you might have. Our partners have years of day-in-day-out experience with backline rental.



Merchandising possible

We provide 'one off' or full tour merch-people, knowing how to sell. Our company can provide all kinds of fairtrade merch, selling systems,... Just tell us what you need and we're there for you.